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Natural Cork Flooring

Looking for a comfortable and hard-wearing flooring surface that's great for use anywhere in the house? Cork tile flooring is a 100% natural, sustainable and resilient product capable of withstanding various levels of foot traffic. Perfect for use in almost any room of the house, cork floor coverings offer a wide range of benefits when compared with traditional laminate flooring and carpets.

Most cork flooring products are treated with a finish making the already hard-wearing flooring material almost impervious to spills and stains, making them great for use in most rooms of the house. Not only does cork flooring make a great alternative to laminate thanks to its moisture and stain resistance but it's also a hard-wearing material that offers excellent sound and thermal insulation.

We supply a wide variety of cork products for use around your home or any DIY projects you might be working on. Cork is a great alternative to wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and vinyl tiles thanks to its incredible sustainability, sound insulation properties and its more than 40-year life span (when properly maintained). Available as a floating floor or as glue-down tiles, cork flooring offers a wide range of benefits;

  • Comfortable Flooring Option

    Cork flooring provides any room with a unique look, and is a great flooring option thanks to its soft and comfortable feeling underfoot while remaining durable enough to withstand day-to-day use - perfect for those who suffer from joint pain.

  • Safe Option

    Thanks to the fact that cork is a completely natural product it's an extremely safe flooring option. Acting as an insulator, cork flooring is able to provide natural sound absorption while also boasting being fire retardant and waterproof.

  • Easy Maintenance & Durability

    Cork isn't completely maintenance free but if looked after correctly, your cork flooring can easily last up to 40 years without fading or losing its appeal. Once your flooring has been treated with a sealant your floor will also be completely waterproof allowing you to clean almost any spill or stain using a slightly damp mop.

  • Natural & Sustainable Alternative

    Unlike many of the other flooring options on the market, cork flooring is completely sustainable and natural because it's created using the bark of the cork oak tree as opposed to the actual tree itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is cork flooring made of?

Cork flooring is made using the bark of the cork oak tree, also known as quercus suber (originating in Portugal and Spain). This bark is ground and processed into sheets before being baked in a kiln to produce cork tiles suitable for cork flooring.

Why use cork flooring?

Cork Flooring boasts a wide range of benefits when compared with other flooring types. For example, cork flooring is hypoallergenic helping to alleviate some of your allergy symptoms. Cork flooring is also highly durable and capable of withstanding day-to-day traffic better than most carpets and hardwood floors.

How durable is cork flooring with dogs?

It all rather depends on the dog. There are very few flooring options out there that are completely impervious to claw marks from pets, however, when compared to many natural wood flooring options, cork tends to come out on top in terms of its ability to resist scratches and marks. Cork flooring is also highly waterproof making it one of the best flooring options for those with pets.

How do you clean cork flooring?

Cork floors are simple and easy to maintain and clean. Keep your cork flooring in tip-top condition by ensuring you wipe up any spills right away. You should also ensure you sweep your cork flooring at least 2-3 times per week to avoid grit, dust, and dirt from scratching your flooring. At least once per week, you should be mopping your floor with a damp mop ensuring your mop is only slightly damp. Only use cork floor cleaners with heavy spills and stains.

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