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Cork Rolls | Cork Sheets In Rolls

Cover large surfaces easily, without the need for a specialist with cork rolls. Cork on a roll is ideal if you want to cover large surfaces with cork without leaving many visible joints behind.

You can cut a cork roll simply with a knife and use it as a wallpaper. And because cork is naturally highly elastic, it won’t crumble during the cutting process. Cork rolls are ideal for just about any environment. Including schools, colleges, offices and homes. You can glue cork sheet roll with any contact adhesive, and you can buy self-adhesive cork rolls to make the job even easier. We provide self-adhesive cork rolls with an easy to use peel off protective layer and strong adhesive back.

Cork rolls have lots of different uses. Including: as underlays, wall coverings, shipping and spacer pags, protective backing, for certain gasket applications, and more. Cork is also useful for large bulletin boards in schools and businesses, where pushpins can be safely embedded and taken out. For the same reason, cork sheet rolls can also be used to make for very customisable living spaces; especially in children’s rooms.

Cork on a roll benefits

Cork has many features that make it ideal for use in buildings:

  • Naturally hygienic — Cork almost entirely exists of air-filled cells that inhibit the growth of mold and prevent it from rotting. For the same reason, it also repels dust, and stops dirt from accumulating.

  • Cork is very safe — It has anti-slip qualities, anti-abrasion and anti-static qualities, and is also naturally resistant to fire. And even in the event of a fire, cork doesn’t release any toxic chemicals or gases as it burns.

  • Lasts for up to 40 years — Cork is durable, resists cracking, is virtually impermeable to gas and most liquids, and even “bounces back” when pressure is applied to it. If properly maintained, cork can last up to 40 years or more.

  • Cork is cheaper than most other alternatives — Cork is very cost-effective and will last a generation. Cork is all natural, looks stylish on the wall, and it’s so easy to apply you can install it yourself. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Here are some other cork products you might be interested in

We also supply and sell a range of other cork products for both commercial or domestic use:

  • Flat Cork Sheets - If you don’t fancy a roll, then we have an incredibly diverse range of cork sheets in many different widths, lengths and thicknesses. With adhesive and non-adhesive varieties for you to choose from.

  • Cork Wall TilesNatural cork flooring — Natural and durable, cork wall tiles are ideal for use throughout your home. They are a great way to decrease noise levels to keep interior walls and rooms warmer by trapping heat.

  • Natural cork flooring — Cork makes a great underlay, but it also makes an excellent choice for flooring itself. You can now buy cork flooring in all types of colours and designs, making them ideal for virtually any modern family home or commercial project — and they’re 100% waterproof.


1. What is a cork roll?

As the name suggests, a cork roll consists of an amount of cork that is rolled up. You can buy rolls of various thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs. For example, larger rolls can be used as floor underlays or even as wallpaper. Smaller rolls can be used to make anything from cork boards to planters, mouse pads, coasters — even underlays for model railway tracks.

2. How do I fix cork rolls to walls?

You can fix cork in a variety of ways. But the cheapest and easiest way is to glue it with cork glue or a strong wood binder.

3. How do you get a cork roll to lay flat?

In a similar way to how you’d flatten a poster or wallpaper. Unroll the cork and flatten it down as the corners with books or something similar. Leave the cork pinned down like this for two days and should have flattened down nicely.

4. How thick should a cork board be for push pins?

You can use cork boards with a thickness of 4 — 5mm if there is a soft lining behind the cork board. But if you’re just using cork itself and without the lining, then a thickness of about 20mm is best.

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