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Cork Coasters | Cork Backed Coasters

Protect table surfaces from heat, scratches and slippages with a cork coaster. Cork naturally has anti-abrasion, anti-slip and anti-scratch properties. And it also works very well at keeping moisture contained in or around a mug or glass — which prevents excess moisture from reaching the table. Cork also has a low conductivity when it comes to heat. So it’ll disperse any heat from a hot mug before it can damage a surface.

We also stock adhesives, so that you can make your own cork backed placemats and coasters. This includes cork circles for coasters and square shapes in a variety of sizes. These adhesives are easy to peel on and off and are great for turning your current coasters into cork backed coasters.

Cork is a great material not only because it is so practical, but because it is 100% natural plant fibre, virtually a renewable material because it grows so fast, and self-cleaning. Cork repels dust and bacteria and is mold and mildew resistant. Cork is also a very tough, yet lightweight material. Other coasters might look nice, such as those made from glass and stone, but they break easily and can scratch. Cork has all the advantages that you would expect, and none of the disadvantages.

Benefits of cork coasters

There are lots of great reasons to choose cork for your coasters. Including:

  • Cork coasters for drinks are unbeatable — They’re low cost, they’ll protect your table surfaces from heat and moisture, they’ll stay clean and they’re 100% natural. There’s pretty much nothing bad to say about them at all.

  • Cork is safe and hygienic — You won’t have to worry about cork breaking or harbouring nasty germs or mold. Cork is durable and repels microbes and grime. Plus, cork doesn’t slip like other materials. So there’s less chance of a glass tumbling over.

  • It’s the environmentally friendly option — Cork grows rapidly in nature and it can be extracted without harming the tree it grows on. Making it essentially a renewable resource. So if you want a 100% natural material that doesn’t hurt the planet, cork is the way to go.

  • To top it all off, cork is a bargain — You can get a set of up to 50 cork coasters in bulk for less than £10. So if you’re a pub or small business, or just planning on having a lot of extras lying around the house, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll always get a lot more for your money with cork coasters.

We sell other cork products you might be interested in

We also stock a range of other cork products for both commercial or domestic use:

  • Cork rolls - With our handy cork rolls you can easily purchase just the right amount of cork for your applications. If you wanted to, you can make your own cork coasters with these rolls. The cork here can also be used as underlays, wall coverings, shipping and spacer pags, protective backing, for certain gasket applications, and more.

  • Cork Wall Tiles - Natural and durable, cork wall tiles are ideal for use throughout your home. They are a great way to decrease noise levels to keep interior walls and rooms warmer by trapping heat.

  • Natural cork underlays — A cork underlay is the perfect compliment to cork floor tiles. Laid down on the ground, a cork underlay efficiently smoothes over small faults on any surface. Making it easier to install flooring over it, along with making the ground more level. Cork underlayment is also naturally fire resistant and, even when burned, doesn’t release any toxic gases.


1. Do cork coasters work?

Yes. Cork is a great natural substance that works to prevent moisture from a cup or glass from pouring out onto other surfaces. Cork is simple and effective, soft (and so won’t scratch your tables) and a very popular backing for coasters.

2. Why do coasters have cork?

Cork is a very popular material to use as a coaster because it works to prevent moisture from pouring out onto other surfaces. Cork also has anti-skid and anti-scratch qualities. So it won’t slip or damage the table that it’s on.

3. Do you use coasters cork side up or down?

If you have a coaster that’s half cork and half not, it’s best to have it cork down. Cork has anti-slip and anti-scratch properties and will protect your table. This is a question that’s often asked on the Internet and the confusion probably stems from the fact that cork is also great at preventing moisture from spilling from a mug or glass onto a table surface.

To solve this problem forever, buy cork coasters that are made entirely of cork on both sides. Then you get the double benefit.

4. How do you seal cork coasters?

If you’ve taken to a little home decorating (a lot of people like to paint their cork coasters), then you can seal them easily by using a glue or sealer once the paint has dried. Apply about three coats to be on the safe side. This will seal the coaster for any sweating that a glass or mug might give.

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