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Coloured Cork Tiles | Coloured Cork Wall Tiles

Style your interior space anyway you want with coloured cork tiles. Gone are the days when cork was only available in its natural colour. Now you can purchase a wide array of simple-to-fit colours — so you can have all the benefits of low-cost, hygienic, easy to maintain cork without having to alter your design vision. Corlured cork tiles are easy to lay down and do not require specialist knowledge to fit, and they are suitable for home and commercial environments with foot traffic.

Coloured cork tiles have all the same advantages of their non-coloured equivalent. They are still naturally clean, comfortable and hard-wearing material. Only now that you have even more freedom to chase that interior design look that you want. Coloured cork tiles make for a great flooring and wall surface pretty much everywhere.

Cork itself looks great regardless of colour and has many material advantages over carpets, hardwood and traditional laminate flooring. Cork is easy to clean and durable, is resistant to all kinds of grime, dirt, bacteria and dust, and is probably the easiest of all the flooring and wall materials to look after. It is much more affordable than hardwood flooring and is better able to withstand water damage, staining, warping and scratches. It is also very stable and reforms quickly back into shape. Making it a great choice for heavy furniture and gym equipment, as the legs won’t sink down into the surface.

With coloured cork floor tiles and wall tiles, you can take full advantage of this excellent material for the perfect look you want to create.

Benefits of colourful cork tiles

  • Now you can get any style you like! — Choose a colour you want, and you can get all the benefits of cork without having to compromise on the design style you want. If you cannot see the colour you’re after, speak to us and we’ll look into getting the right one to suit your tastes.

  • It naturally promotes cleanliness — Cork repels insects, bacteria, mold, dust and even dirt itself. Very little effort is needed to keep it clean and in top condition. If you suffer from allergies, then it is definitely worth thinking about cork.

  • Cork can provide peace of mind and reduce your bills — Cork is a great sound-deadener. Cork floors are also comfortable to walk on, naturally warm, and they work to snuff out unwanted noise pollution and are excellent insulators.

  • Long-lasting, for up to 40 years — Cork is very tough and resists cracking. It is also very difficult for gas and most liquids to permeate it, and Cork even “bounces back” when pressure is applied. If properly maintained, cork can last up to 40 years or more.

Other cork products you might like:

We stock all kinds of cork products for both commercial or domestic use:

  • Cork rolls - With our handy cork rolls you can easily purchase just the right amount of cork for your applications. Rolls can be used as underlays, wall coverings, shipping and spacer pags, for protective backing and more.

  • Natural cork underlays — A cork underlay is the perfect compliment to colourful cork floor tiles. Laid down on the ground, a cork underlay efficiently smoothes over small faults on any surface. Making it easier to install a colourful cork flooring over it, along with making the ground more level. Cork underlayment is also naturally fire resistant and, even when burned, doesn’t release any toxic gases.

  • Natural cork flooring — Cork also makes an excellent choice for flooring itself. You can now buy cork flooring in all types of colours and designs, making them ideal for virtually any modern family home or commercial project — and they’re 100% waterproof.


1. Can you get coloured cork tiles?

Yes! Gone are the days when cork was consigned to just the one colour. Now you can buy this great looking, comfortable and sustainable material in an array of beautiful colours and designs. Making it perfect for virtually any home or commercial design project.

2. Can you change the colour of cork flooring?

If you already have cork in the “standard” colour, you can dye it to change the colour. Dyes applied to cork tiles can result in a colour change very easily. But remember, the likelihood is your cork floor will already have a protective coating on top of it to prevent stains.

3. What color goes with cork?

If you have a traditionally-coloured cork floor, simple pastel shades often match with them well. Dark creams and even a light pink can bring out the rich colour of the material. But that’s just with cork’s natural colour. If you buy coloured cork, which is available in a variety of colours, you will be able to match it with pretty much anything.

4. Are coloured cork tiles waterproof?

Not waterproof, but they are water resistant. Actually most cork floors are better able to fight off water than most hardwood floors. If you seal the tiles down properly, they will be well positioned to withstand leaks or spills provided they are cleaned up quickly.

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