With Christmas fast approaching, combined with the impending school holidays, we thought it would be a great idea to put together this list of amazing Christmas craft ideas to make with cork that you could have a go at creating with the family this holiday season.

Here at SPD UK, we are passionate about supporting the environment. That is why we love cork so much. Did you know that cork can be completely recycled? In fact, much of the cork that makes up our range of products is likely recycled from the high-quality cork harvested during the “Amadia” (third harvest) that was used to make wine corks. These fantastic Christmas arts and crafts ideas are the perfect way to recycle and reuse your old wine corks instead of throwing them away!

These DIY cork Christmas crafts are all handmade and would be beautiful decorations for your house this Christmas. From cork Christmas trees to cork decorative ornaments, these ideas are sure to inspire you to try your own hand at some cork crafts.

1. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

What is more Christmasy than a Christmas tree? And what kind of Christmas tree is better than a cork Christmas tree!

Ok, so maybe you will prefer your real tree, but you can’t deny that these handmade cork Christmas trees are super adorable.

2. Cork Snowmen Ornaments

This is a great one to try with the kids! A simple wine cork with some white paint and some decorations and you have a super cute handmade cork snowman ornament for your tree.

3. Cork Snowflake

This snowflake ornament was made from upcycled wine corks and it looks fantastic.

If you don’t fancy a large wall-mounted snowflake, try smaller ones that would look great hanging from your tree.

4. Cork Christmas Table Trivets

This is a stylish and practical cork crafts project for you to try. Cork is an amazing insulator and is a great way to protect your kitchen table when you are laying out the Christmas dinner.

5. Cork Christmas Candle

This easy to make and stunning to look at cork candle holders make a great centrepiece and will be perfect for creating that cosy ambience in the evening after a beautiful Christmas day.

6. Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments

Another great Christmas arts and crafts idea to try out with the kids. This fun and super easy to make ornaments will look great on your tree on Christmas morning.

7. Cork Christmas Elf

Elfs are very much a family favourite and are a great Christmas arts and crafts project for you and your kids.

8. Cork Wreath

This stunning cork Christmas wreath looks amazing and it is surprisingly easy to make.

Be sure to decorate it with some fake berries and holly to create the perfect Christmas wreath effect.

9. Cork Reindeer

These adorable cork reindeers are perfect hanging from the tree or standing on the mantle together.

Try getting the kids to make all 9 of Santa’s reindeer and name them all. Don’t forget Rudolph’s red nose!

10. Mini Cork Christmas Trees

Another great little Christmas ornament. These mini Christmas trees are made from artificial clippings stuck into wine and champagne corks.

11. Christmas DIY Cork Stamps

These DIY Christmas themed cork stamps are a great arts and crafts project you can make with your kids.

Cork is easy to carve with a hobby knife as it is so soft so can be carved into any shape you want.

12. Cork Christmas Tree Tinsel

This cork crafts idea does require a lot of corks, but you can’t deny it looks great.

Make your tree really stand out with these handmade cork Christmas tree tinsel.

13. Cork Craft Letters

Corks look amazing mounted up on the wall as letters. Create a stylish monogram or a heartwarming message for your family with this Christmas arts and crafts idea.

14. Cork Christmas Centrepiece

Nothing creates the perfect Christmas table than a beautiful centerpiece to draw the eye and start conversation.

Create the perfect Christmas centrepiece with this cork arts and crafts project.

15. Wine Cork Grape Ornaments

This one isn’t strictly Christmas themed, however, it can make a lovely touch to your wine during the festive season.

Simply made with a “bunch” of corks, some string and some fake leaves.

16. Cork Place Holders

A charming DIY project if you are having the whole family over for Christmas dinner. Simply get a cork, a label and decorate it to match your table centrepiece.

17. DIY Cork Angels

These handmade cork angels are great for decorating your christmas tree and are super cute.

18. Wine Cork Decorative Balls

If you are a fan of ball-like or spherical ornaments then you will love this simple and fun to create cork craft. With just a styrofoam ball and some wine corks, you can make some beautiful decorations for your Christmas tree or a great centrepiece for a table.

19. Handmade Cork Polar Express

A super fun arts and crafts project you can try with your kids is making this cork Polar Express train.

Get yourself some string, glue, a hobby knife and obviously some corks and let your imagination get away from you.